What is Birthbook?
With Birthbook you take the hassle out of collecting birthday dates.

How do I get the birthday list?
When you create a list you will get a link and that link is privatly for you. With that link you see all collected birthdays. So bookmark it.

How does it work?
Create a list here. And then share the link via email or any messanger app to family and friends The receiver fills in the name and date and thats it.

Can I make my private url more readable?
Yes at the bottom of your private collected birthdays page you can give it a preffered name. But keep it private. For beta this is a free feature, so take advantage.

Can I make share url more readable?
Not yet, due privacy issues. We are working on this to make this available for you a.s.ap.

What is the status?
The app is in beta, and we will improve it. We try to ensure data is migrated to production, but we cannot fully guarantee this.

What is happening with my data?
We have no intention to share this with anyone beside the creator of the list